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CLR values the time and energy that volunteers bring to the rescue.


We can use your talent!  Please lend a hand.

Have you ever thought to yourself "Wow, I'm so lucky to have found my dog" I wonder what his life was like before he became part of my life.  There are still too many dogs waiting and hoping for the security of a family and most of all love.  Wheather they are a stray or owner surrender the existence in daily shelter life wears down the will and health of the dog and there are only tow exits.  One lead to a second chance, a happy ending, the other leads to just an ending.


First, you sit and wait with your nose pressed against the steel bars with animal control staff watching over you.  You see the occasional shelter volunteer and you wait for anyone to stop and pay attention.  There are so many of us and it is so loud and streeful.  The yelping, barking, crying, whimpering, scratching at the floors and walls, it starts to get to you.  Worse yet is when it stops you know the dog down the hall has been crying for days and suddenly he goes silent.  You know he is still down there, you can smell him, the staff still takes food and water his way, you hear them marking his chart.  It easts you up inside, because you know that he has given up all hope of ever finding his forever family.  You tell youself that's not going to happen to me, that you are strong and the next rescue worker that walks the corridor is going  to pull you, they're going to save you.

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