Donations help us with medication, transportation, and other needs of our

foster dogs.

$6 of each purchase goes to help CLR continue to get labs into good homes !!


Loyal Friends are incredible supporters who make an automatic donation every month !  These donations allow us to get our labs into a new home !


In Lieu of Flowers (Funerals/Memorials)


Suggested text to use for memorials:


"In lieu of flowers, the family of ___________________


requests your consideration in donating to


Chicagoland Lab Rescue,  1954 First Street


#164  Highland park,IL  60035,  In honor of






In Lieu of Wedding Favors


Getting married?  Think of donating to CLR for your


wedding favors.  Suggested text:


"In honor of this special day, a gift has been made on


behalf of all of our wonderful supportive family and friends gathered here today and thos with us in spirit to


the Chicagoland Lab Rescue,"