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Mae's story

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Chicagoland Lab Rescue Community:

​We are still working towards $10K #GivingTuesday2022 Goal. 

Our last feature story today is about Mae, who we rescued after being excessively bred over and over again.

Mae has a sweet face and a heart of gold. This girl got to a point where she was no longer of 'services' to her 'breeder.' Instead of being dumped at a high-kill shelter, heart worm positive. Mae's lilfe mattered to us and we took her in. Mae's days of puppy production are over and she is living the good life she always deserved.

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Today we are humbly hoping to raise $10K for 10 years — that is just $4/dog (2500 dogs in total!) since our start in 2012!   Today we will be featuring a few of ours saves that needed us most of year: 


The Puppies: 2022 seems to have been the year of unwanted puppies… and sadly so many of these puppies are finding themselves in high-kill shelters. CLR has saved so many this year - no questions asked and providing the medical needed.  


Ralphie – rescued in Texas, his throat was swelling – his foster noticed his neck was swelling and getting bigger and bigger by the day. He had to have emergency surgery for an infection costing $4000


Mae, came from a ‘breeder’ in horrible condition – had heartworm and quite frankly, not well cared for. Mae gave a lot but was not given a lot in return – until CLR took her in, cared for her and found her a good home. Mae cost us $1600.


Brandon --we are still working on getting Brandon to us in Chicago, from Texas; he had a major complication following his neuter. While healing with his foster in Texas, we are committed to saving him despite the $3000 cost. 


‘Save the Seniors’ -- typically the most expensive and highest risk in shelters for euthanasia, we try to never say no to the seniors. 


So, please join us, today -- we can keep saving them!


#GivingTuesday #LabRescue #AdoptDontShop #GivingTuesday2022 #RescueALab


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