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Chicagoland Lab Rescue helped us hopefully you can help them!!

We hope everyone is staying healthy.  


It is never easy asking for help, and especially difficult in today’s climate.  Yet we must, because the cost of rescue does not slow, even in difficult times.  2020 has been an expensive medical year for Chicagoland Lab Rescue.  Earlier this year we rescued nine four-week old beautiful lab puppies.  Two weeks in, the litter of puppies come down with distemper. The high is that we were able to save five beautiful lab pups; the low is that we lost four.  A special serum and numerous visits to the ER at a cost of $10,000.  The five bounced back and are happily with their forever families and doing very well.

We rescued two four-week old pups that were dumped on the side of the road.  Way too young to be away from mom.  Drinking dirty water and eating whatever they could find.  A trip to the ER for both; plasma, antibiotics and medicine to get rid of the worms and parasites in their tiny bodies.  All costly.  Both are doing well and in foster now. 


Only six months into the year and we have rescued and treated 14 heartworm positive dogs.  It is a costly treatment even for rescues, around $500 a dog; which doesn’t include the usual the spay/neuter and vaccinations costs incurred for each dog. 

We have many stories of the dogs we have rescued this year that have exceeded their adoption costs.  Some dogs we anticipate a little extra medical care, but it is those much larger unexpected costs that can be devastating.  


We are reaching out to our CLR supporters because our organization depends on you to help us continue our mission to rescue dogs and puppies that need our help.  It is YOU that makes all the difference to these dogs.


No donation is too small. 

Please click on the Donate button below or you can mail a check to CLR, 1954 First St, #164, Highland Park, IL  60035

Save The Date

Chicagoland Lab Rescue

Love A Lab for Life Annual Gala

October 1st-11th, 2020


on-line event

Join Chicagoland Lab Rescue for the 5th Annual “Love a Lab for Life” Benefit. 

It is most important to CLR that everyone feels and stays safe.  This years event will be an on-line event.  There will be many silent auction items to virtually bid on and a raffle.  We will have a Call to Action which helps CLR with pregnant moms, Heartworm dogs and other dogs than need more medical care than normal.  All money raised will go directly to the care of our dogs.

Check back mid-August for more information.

Since 2012, when CLR was founded, we have rehomed over 2000 labs. Hear from representatives of Chicagoland Lab Rescue and learn how your donations allow us to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome so many dogs.

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