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Ready for adoption

Cam and Gayla 

Nothing pulls at our heartstrings like the predicament of a bonded pair. The shelter asks: can CLR help them? Can CLR guarantee to keep them together? CLR has helped many, many bonded pairs and found them homes together. Right now, we have multiple bonded pairs in the rescue and they are looking for their forever homes.


Cam and Gala arrived on Saturday. Obviously mixes, Cam acts like Gayla's big brother, keeping tabs on her. He lets her get the ball and bring it back. Gala is the happy-go-lucky younger sister who has never met a stranger, giving hugs and kisses to everyone. Gala is small at 41#; Cam weighs 57#. They are both on the thin side and happy to see that regular meals (and treats) are now the order of the day. Both dogs are dog friendly--sweet to their foster-sister and friendly to dogs while walking. They do not pull on the leash and go at a nice pace. Cam and Gala are house-broken and crate trained. They are wonderful house guests; we have not heard either of them bark. 

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Marco & Symphony 
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This sweet senior pair are both 10-1/2 years old. They are doing well in their foster home and enjoying being spoiled.  Their owner passed away and are ready for the next chapter in their lives. .  Marco and Symphony are both housebroken and are able to do stairs.  They are bonded and will be adopted together.  No cats, Marco finds them too fascinating

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