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We need your help. We need your help because Moose, Lex and Quita

needed CLR's help.

Rescue is both heartbreaking and rewarding. It's heartbreaking to encounter dogs in need and rewarding to accept them into our rescue, address their medical needs and find them loving homes. We see the glass as half full. There are times; however, when dogs come in and require medical care far beyond what we had anticipated. Occasionally, these veterinary costs can be ten fold of their adoption costs. Such is the case with Moose, Lex and Quita.

Lex and Moose were both released from a breeder. Moose is 7 yrs and Lex, 10 yrs. Beautiful boys that needed a long overdue dental cleaning and multiple extractions along with their routine care; shots, neuter, etc., They both pulled through like champs and are now ready to find their forever families.

Quita’s shelter picture was sent to us with an urgent plea for help. It first appeared that she might have been shot as she had identical wounds on each side of her body. After surgically repairing her wounds, the vet determined, fortunately, that she had no internal injuries. Her wounds may have been from an air or paintball gun. She is now recovering with a foster and they tell us she is sweet and gentle.

Because Moose, Lex and Quita needed CLR's help, we are sending out this plea to raise $5000 to help cover the costs we incurred in vetting these three deserving dogs. Please support Moose, Lex, Quita and CLR by clicking on the link below to donate. Thank you.


Click on the Donate button. If you have any questions you can email clrinfo99@gmail.com


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Chicagoland Lab Rescue

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We Need Fosters !!!


Maybe you’re not ready for your forever lab.  Have you thought about fostering?  As most fosters will tell you it is a rewarding experience.  With your help and love CLR can help puppies and dogs that are in dire need of rescuing.  Sometimes we are their last chance.


Chicagoland Lab Rescue is a foster-based rescue and like most rescues we can only save as many dogs as we have foster homes for.  All we ask of you is to keep them safe, teach them right from wrong and love them until they find their forever home.  YOU can be the difference in one dog’s life.


If you are ready to become a CLR foster click on "Foster Dogs" link and fill out your application..

Visit us March 20th, 21st & 22nd at the Chicagoland Family Pet Expo at Arlington Park Race Course in Arlington Heights, IL.  


Use the coupon below to receive $1.00 off your entrance.  CLR will receive $1.00 for every coupon turned in

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